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Business travel is important but it can be expensive. There are ways to control costs on business travels. That is the purpose of this article- to show you how to save money. Follow the tips that I have mentioned below and you will no doubt find that you are saving money and that means you will have more money in your own pocket and your business can grow quicker.

Here are some things you can do.

Avoid International Roaming Charges- If you travel overseas regularly, don’t take your home mobile phone with you. You will pay hugely inflated rates to access data and make phone calls. You will also pay to receive phone calls. We’ve seen customers with bills totaling thousands of dollars.

Get a global SIM card- If you must call family, friends or the office back home, make sure that you get a global SIM card so that you can make calls cheaply. In most countries you will also get free incoming calls with a global SIM card.

Get a Smart Phone with the Skype app on it- Free WiFI is becoming more and more prominent in major metropolitan cities throughout the world. Get a WiFI capable smart phone with a Skype application and then you will be able to make free Skype to Skype calls with people back home. These could be work colleagues, family or friends. Sometimes Skype can drop out on a smart phone but when it doesn’t cost you anything to call back this is not the end of the world.

Book well in advance and stay at the same spot or with the same chain- You should book your accommodation well in advance (avoid peak periods when tourists travel) and you should consider staying loyal to a worldwide chain of hotels. Many of these hotels have reward programs which means that you can earn free nights if you travel often.

Be loyal to the one airline- You should also think about being loyal to a single airline if you want to control the costs of your business travels. Airlines have frequent flyer programs that you let you redeem points for flights. You can also tie this with some global SIM cards and credit cards that also offer frequent flyer points rewards.

Decide whether some of the business be done without travel- I travel a lot for work, but sometimes I make the choice not to travel. Face to face meetings are important but sometimes everything that needs to be achieved can be achieved over the phone.

In this article I have shared with you 6 Ways to Control Costs on Business Travels. Follow these tips and you should see your business grow.

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